About Us

About Us

GSAC is a scuba diving club based in Galway, Ireland. We are affiliated to Diving Ireland (aka CFT) and CMAS one of the largest international diving organisations in the world.

We dive every Sunday all year round, plus every Wednesday from April to October. We also organise several weekends away during the year to sites all around the country, mostly on bank holiday weekends. The club takes on and trains new members every year starting in late September. We also have a comprehensive “crossover” programme for divers with existing qualifications from a range of other diving organisations. Situated on the west coast we have many top class dive sites within close driving distance.

In the winter we dive Sundays and have a pool session on Wednesday night so that you can keep your fitness up, help with the training of new members, or just have fun. As a member you’re always welcome on any dive – we have an automated system that sends notifications to your mobile or email in advance of every dive and you just reply “Y” if you want to attend. Simple as that.

Diving with GSAC is a cooperative effort – nobody gets paid, everybody pitches in. So aside from the diving you’ll very quickly find yourself in the centre of things; launching and recovering boats, filling your own bottles and generally involved in all aspects of the club. The weekends away are always great craic, as well as great diving.

We are a club rather than a commercial dive centre. As a club, run by volunteers, we are happy to bring CFT divers out for a dive with us as long as your DO contacts us in advance to arrange. Your DO will confirm you are dived-up and ready to enjoy what the Atlantic throws at us and you will be in safe hands with us.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, do drop us a line using i[email protected]. Or follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see what we’re up to.