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Trainee weekend at Killary

on Fri, 2012-04-20 17:49

As well as the usual suspects, we also have a great group of trainees this year who have completed their first 5 instructor-led dives and related exercises after the recent trainee weekend in Killary and now just need to sign their Cert Request Forms to apply for their Diver 1* qualification. Thomas will have the forms in the clubhouse on Friday. OK, fine, you can apply for it any time, but how boring is that...

In all seriousness, I doubt that there are many trainees in the country who are applying for their D1 certs at this point in the year, so well done to you all. And great credit and thanks to Rory and Gemma who have done a great job on the training front, in my opinion, and all who helped with the pool and lectures. Next training event is the DFR course this weekend and the 2012 Leading Diver lectures on Sunday (all welcome btw, give me a shout for details).

Hope to see you Friday,