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Trainee Weekend 2013

on Tue, 2013-04-16 12:27

Last weekend saw our annual trainee weekend in Killary Harbour.  Unfortunately the good weather didn't show up and spoilt the diving for the weekend.  Saturday morning saw the group arrive at Rosroe and and the braver members kit up for the first dive.  In all my years in the club I don't think we ever had 4 shore marshals before, but Saturday saw plenty of eager volunteers willing to leave their gear in the car  (Surprisingly all experienced divers).

Due to the conditions we decided early on not to launch the boats and have a go at the shore dive.  It was very rough right in at Rosroe with the 2/3 swell landing right in upon the slipway.

Those that ventured into the water were treated to great viz (8/10 meters) and an abundance of life (Scallops, Congers, Anemones, Crabs, etc).  It really was a very good dive.

However during the surface interval the winds continued to howl and brought along plenty of rain.  We decided enough was enough and retreated to the comforts of Letterfrack.  We wined and dined the evening away.  Games of 25, Snap, Jenga and pool took the place of the second dive.


With Sunday morning came more howling gales.  After breakfast we decided it wasn't worth the effort of checking Rosroe.  After Saturdays experience we knew it would not have been nice.  We erred on the side of caution and returned to Galway.
Unfortunatly Scuba Diving is a very weather dependent sport.  This weekend the weather did not play ball with us.  Here's hoping that the rest of the weekends away this year will be different.

Many thanks to Rory & Gemma for all their organizational work ahead off and during the weekend.  Also thanks to the towers for bringing the boats and compressor out for a spin.