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Spring Diving in GSAC - 2014

on Tue, 2014-02-25 22:56

GSAC prides itself in diving every Sunday all year round without exception but this Winter's storms hampered our efforts to get in the water and we had no choice but to leave Mother Nature to wreak what havoc she would. We went for a dive at the Coral Beach to find the road down to the beach had been washed away. However, Spring is now here and our wetsuits are being donned once again and we won't be deterred by those kind of minor details.

On 16 Feb, we did a shore-dive in Killary harbour - the water temperature was 7 degrees and visibility was pretty poor but it still felt invigorating to be back in the water and efforts were well and truly rewarded with coffee by the fire in Keane's of Maam Cross. On 23 Feb, us hardy-bucks were back out to brave the elements in Aughinish with a great turnout from the new trainees eagerly awaiting their next sea-snorkel. Unfortunately, our journey was cut short very close to one of our dive site when we discovered the storms of recent weeks had taken the entire path away - it seemed Mother Nature was even more cruel than we had anticipated. Not to be defeated, our quick-thinking DO came up with an alternate plan to dive the pier side of Aughinish. We had a lovely dive with visability being better than the previous week and we were all delighted to see the sun shining and sea turn almost Mediterranean blue. Once again, we rewarded ourselves with a post-dive treat of soup and chowder in Leenane's. Another great Sunday to be part of in a great Galway club.