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France 2012

on Thu, 2012-10-18 21:06

I'm just back from the club holiday to Juan-les-Pins in the south of France, with day trips over to Monaco. Very different world, including the 21 degree water temperature. We had a great time, diving every day at 9am and again at 2pm, leaving us plenty of time to tour around, or just sit on the beach. Oh it's a hard life :)

Everyone wanted to keep the cost down, so we had booked a set of chalets (basically glorified garden sheds) in Antibes, the next town over, and a 9-seater minibus to travel around in, rather than forking out to stay right on the coast itself. They did the job though and well done to Roger for finding them. We flew out from Dublin to Nice with Ryanair, having pre-paid for one 20kg bag each so that we could bring all our own gear other than tanks and weights. With the cost divided by eight, the minibus rental was definitely the way to go. It meant we didn't have to screw around with trains, buses or taxis and also we could go anywhere we wanted in the evenings. Fair play to Francis for being the "designated driver".

The diving itself was reasonably good, not spectacular, but the vis was good, the water was warm and there was zero current on any dive by our standards, so it was all very easy and laid back. Most people dived 15 litre tanks because they cost the same as 12's and you didn't have to carry them anywhere, and some good long dives were had as a result.

The diving was only part of the holiday, we also toured around a lot, had the odd glass of beer or wine here and there and generally made the most of the weather and the ambiance. We made a couple of trips up to Monaco, which is only 40 mins on the motorway. Serious, serious money floating around there (literally and figuratively) but a really nice place to visit and walk around, including the fairly impressive aquarium up near the palace.

We may also have found the next club boat: