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Cox'n Course 6th Oct

on Mon, 2012-10-08 12:30

Last Saturday we completed the practical work from our recent Cox'n course.  The course was organsied and run by James Keating of NUIG/GMIT SAC so many thanks to him.

GSAC had 6 candidates on the course,

James Taylor, Roger Biondi, Mick Millane, Martin O'Malley, Cormac English and last but not least Paula Harte.

There was also a number of candidates from the college club.  With 4 boats in the water on Saturday, two GSAC boats and two college boats, candidates got to practice their skills in a variety of conditions and boats which allowed them to experience the different handling/capabilities of each boat.

The above candidates now have two years to complete their training logs and to pass the Cox'n test so expect to see them driving the boats over the next few months.

There are more pictures available on our facebook page: