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Achill Island weekend

on Wed, 2012-08-29 21:01

Last weekend we hit off for Achill with a handful of knowledge, some charts and a depth finder. This year has been one of much exploration for GSAC. We are a very active club, which gives us the added bonus of being able to take a chance on a dive site in the hope of finding something new and unexplored.

The group dropped in on the Bills, Inish Galloon and dived below the impressive Minaun cliffs. The visibility in Achill this weekend was somewhere between 20 - 25m, visibility as good as this is a rare pleasure in Ireland. We encountered a massive shoal of sea bream, eye-balled congers, silently watched seals play above us and saw countless lobsters and crays....... Not a bad weekend by all accounts.

Achill has made it into my top 3 dives..... Looking forward to diving there again soon.

You can see more photos of the weekend in the Facebook album